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The Band

Manhattan Heroes are a three piece rock combo that operates out of New York City. Formed in 1998, the trio began by experimenting with short melodic pop rock tunes which eventually lead them to heavier things. Their three chord heavy-pop sound is reminiscent of old time favorites like The Velvet Underground and The Modern Lovers, but The Heroes rock out with equal admiration of their contemporaries like Minneapolis' Lifter Puller and D.C.'s Fugazi. The band's recent club appearences include opening spots for Epic Records' Nine Days and New York rock legends The Devil Dogs.

Their Story

In search of extreme cold and unaffordable housing, Carlos Carnota and Sami Buccella came up north from their homeland and tracked down suburban ne'er-do-well Marc Rosenthal in an upper Manhattan tenement. The two Argentine's had backed the singer/songwriter during a South American stint and wished to continue the pursuit of money still owed them by their friend. Unable to repay his old pals, Rosenthal suggested that the three form a pop/ rock combo. They agreed and voted unanimously to name the group after their favorite Cuban sandwich shop. The Manhattan Heroes were born.

The newly formed trio immediately began opening for punk bands in top Greenwich Village alternative rock venues. The words of praise poured in nearly as fast as the flying beer bottles and their wallets were filled with tens of dollars. In search of other audiences and other bottles, the Heroes hit the road for their first U.S. tour. In Minneapolis, MN veteran Twin Cities producer/musician Jacques Wait was fooled into recording an EP of their work , "Red Giant" (PMMR2) for indie label Pompello. The band stormed back to New York, with giant red discs in their hands and snuck onto the set of Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen TV show "Trackers." They played two full numbers before a live studio audience and found their way back to the freight elevator. Oprah herself has yet to comment.

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