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The Band

The dudes:
Tom Rosenthal - guitar, vocals, songs
Dan Boardman - bass, vocals, recording
Robb Burnham - drums, style

Their deal: Rock that is also pop. Like say, The Muffs? or The Figgs or Supergrass or any other vaguely punk influenced pop/rock combo with loud guitars.

Their Story

This band is the continuation of a band that used to be called just plain Magnatone. Magnatone formed in Minneapolis, MN in the autumn of 1995 as vehicle for the songwriting of Tom Rosenthal. The original lineup consisted of Tom singing and playing guitar with Jacques Wait (of Rank Strangers and the Matt Wilson band) on bass and vocals and Johnny O'Halloran (Magnolias and John Ewing band) on drums. Magnatone released a couple of singles on various labels a couple of cuts on compilation records and in 1997 an eponymous full length on No Alternative Records.

Magnatone's sound? A raucous mix of rock and pop recalling things like, The (early) Beatles, The Kinks, The Clash, Elvis Costello and the Attractions and Joan Jett.

The original Magnatone did many miles of hard touring in a baby blue 1983 Caprice Classic station wagon (wagnatone). They began to develop a small following in cities like New York, Boston, Kansas City, Austin TX, Lincoln Nebraska, Iowa City as well as their Twin-Cities home base. They shared the stage with such acts as Southern Culture on the Skids, Wayne Krammer, The Lilys, Nashville Pussy, Guitar Wolf, Selby Tigers, Radio 4 and House of Large Sizes to name a few. They also performed at 1997's Mississippi River Music festival in St. Louis and Milwaukee's mega rock fest, Summerfest 1997 on the VH1 stage. Their debut disc "Magnatone" was nominated for best rock recording of 1997 by the Minnesota Music Academy.

The original Magnatone parted ways in the fall of 1998. A few months later Magnatone was reformed to record the EP, "Tokyo" for Roll Music. At that time the band consisted of just Tom with Dan Boardman on drums. Dan and Tom shared bass duties on "Tokyo." In February of 1999 Robb Burnham took over on drums and Dan took on the role of bass and backing vocals. The new rhythm section was decidedly heavier and more hyper-active than the original. The spirit was in the same place though. This group called itself Magnatone for a bit. After a while the new Magnatone had added so much new material and dropped so much of the old that they thought maybe they ought to drop the old name as well. For about five minutes the band tried to become known as The Forty-five. They even went on the road with that name and released the song "Take Action" on the 7" Modern Radio Records presents Vol. 1 compilation in early 2000. Very soon it became ubundantly clear that there was another band from Atlanta, GA called The Forty-fiveS. They were a touring machine showing no signs of slowing down. Instead of explaining every time about how their name was not plural the band decided to merge the former name with the current to become Magnatone.45. This way the answers to the questions "are you called Magnatone?" and "are you called 45?" would be the same, "yes."

March of 2000 saw the Magnatone.45's release of "From October 'Till Now" (PMTR001) a five song limited edition EP and their first on Pompello. The group feels it is their strongest effort to date. Magnatone.45 takes all the influences of the original Magnatone and updates the sound with a touch of Weezer and Frank Black and the Catholics type feel.

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